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A Living Room Makeover Story – Part One

My love for interior decorating and design stems from my childhood. My parents immigrated to Canada in their mid- 20's. They definitely didn’t start off with much but they worked hard and invested in things that made sense for them. I would watch my Mom decorate our home with both new and old pieces of furniture, accessories she would find on our Sunday flea market escapades (hence my business name, Love On Sunday). My Dad was a welder and he would take scrap pieces of wood and metal and bring home art that he created on his lunch break. Little did I know, all of these experiences would shape who I am and what I chose to do for a living. Both of my parents are now retired and still get involved with helping me source original pieces for my home. Even though I could never repay them for everything they have done for me, I wanted to give them something special for their 40th wedding anniversary this year. My parents love to entertain but their current space needs A LOT of help. It turns out that my Mom's first dining set was purchased from Leon's back in the 70's. How crazy is that? I am Read more

Hello Holiday Crafternoon

On Monday November 21st we hosted our first ever Hello Event- at the Gladstone Hotel. Our team of spirited Hello Yellow bloggers lead an afternoon full of fun DIY projects from our latest Hello Holiday magazine. Joined by Kassandra Dekoning, Bethany Gier, and Thalita Murray- we hoped to take some of the stress out of decorating with some fun and simple projects to warm your home up this holiday season. Attendees enjoyed some mingling with fellow DIY-ers, hot chocolate, gift bags + some good old fashioned DIY fun. And don’t worry if you couldn’t make it! All the DIYS we did together are available for you to try right here on the blog! Check out some great snaps from the event, and links to the DIY projects below. All of our attendees walked away with four different DIY projects they hand-made themselves. And get this.. They had less than 20 minutes to make each one. We KNOW that people have busy lives. We know not everybody has time to spend hours and hours hand-crafting projects. That's why every DIY in Hello Holiday is under 5 steps, and will take you next to no time. The bonus? These DIYS though simple for you- are still Read more

Magical Christmas Bedroom

I remember so clearly the day we found out we were having a little girl.  The joy I felt was incredible and yet at the same time, I remember the fear of not knowing how to raise a girl (we had had two boys at this point). I was looking forward to pretty dresses, pink bows and most decorating a little girl’s room. I enjoyed that while it lasted, as I quickly learned that as children grow it’s important to allow them to express their creativity not only through they way they dress, art and in their own space. I’m fortunate that Bella and I share similar taste in décor and is pretty easy going with my ideas, even though sometimes we have had comprise. Like the time she wanted to paint her desk with neon graffiti. She has also shown a keen interest in decorating and often times she will move her room around and rearrange her décor. When we picked the gorgeous Amber canopy bed, we knew we wanted to create a magical Christmas bedroom. Full of twinkly lights, soft surroundings but Bella also wanted a little bit of glitz through gold accents. The all white space creates an ethereal feel and is Read more

Waiting for The Gingerbread Cake

Every year for Christmas I make traditional Polish gingerbread cake, and every year the day before Christmas, my girls and I curl up in my bed and read Christmas stories while waiting for our gingerbread cake to bake. Except that I've "upgraded" my grandma's recipe, by using a cake mix and some spices! Now it's so easy to make, that it leaves me more time for doing what's most important; reading about Santa and playing the pet vet with my kids! Because let's face it, even though baking is a great winter pastime, sometimes in the mists of last-minute Christmas preparations its good to have a shortcut recipe, as I like to call them. And with a couple of tricks, a boxed cake can taste just like a secret grandma's recipe! And if you've never heard of " Piernik" aka, The Gingerbread Cake, it's a traditional Polish Xmas cake, made with lots of spices and dark honey. In some families, it's filled with a sweet prune filling, and in others it's covered with chocolate ganache. My version is easier, and it involves much less preparation. Which is perfect with these little monkeys. Now, I don't use the prune filling ( although it's pretty Read more

Side Server – Holder of Crayons and The Perfect Server

Selecting piece that can play double duty is a great idea, especially during the holiday season!  That’s exactly why we chose the Bleecker Server for our basement space.  This beautiful piece features upper drawers, which are great for storing colouring books, crayons, craft supplies and more.  So when the kids are playing in the basement and want to get crafty, everything that they need is easily accessible, but it’s also well organized.  The open shelves provide space for bins which hold smaller toys as well as books. What we love most about having this stunning piece in our basement is that it can easily be converted into a server, which is what it was originally intended for!  The kids colouring accessories are still neatly tucked away into the drawers and then the top and shelves can be filled with all of our entertaining supplies. Our basement is a multi-purpose area and gets a lot of activity during the cold winer months.  It’s a spot for our kids to hang out with their friends, but it’s also a great room for hosting casual parties. Choosing furniture that can have multiple roles is certainly something to be considered when you are shopping for new pieces, Read more