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A Thanksgiving Tablescape On A Budget

Hey all!  It’s Amy from Love On Sunday and I’m super excited to be contributing to the Hello Yellow blog. Now that it’s officially fall, I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to a plethora of halloween costumes and Thanksgiving recipe ideas. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the hype of the holiday and forget what it's truly about. I'm definitely guilty of that. But this Thanksgiving is an extra special one for me. My life completely changed after I decided to go all in and take my side business full-time (I’m a designer and stylist). Working for yourself is a whole new ball game. I no longer rely on a steady pay cheque, I am 100% in control of my time and how I make my money. It’s actually a little scary to write that *gulp*. One of the main things I had to change was my spending habits which can be extremely difficult for someone who loves to decorate. But I’m a big believer in creating beautiful things on a budget. So today, I’m sharing with you my little Thanksgiving Tablescape created with thrifted finds. When I made the decision to spend less, it forced me to take a long hard Read more


Guest Post: Home Office Makeover

Designing a home office isn’t always a simple task.  When searching for furniture and accessories to fill our workspaces, we are often distracted by office supplies that not only look sterile but are a daily reminder of the pile of work that is calling our name.  A home office does not need to resemble those of a call center but can be an extension of your own taste and décor that is in other areas of your home.  We spend a lot of our time working so why can’t our office be stylish and inviting? It can! As a lifestyle blogger for www.blarejune.com and a physician specializing in psychiatry, I spend a lot of my day at my desk.  It is important to feel comfortable in my work space in order for me to be productive and efficient all day long. Designing a functional work space that feels comfortable and remains true to your own taste and aesthetic is important when pulling a space together. Below I’ve gathered some great options that make the thought of to do lists and emails a little less daunting. I am humbled to be a guest contributor this week by sourcing the following items below that together or individually can spruce up Read more


Hello Sunshine LIVE on Breakfast Television {Behind the scenes!}

Once upon a time, myself and my five siblings along with my charismatic mother and father decided that we would mimic the Von Traps and the Partridge family and so we created a traveling music group. We sang in three part harmony and four part harmony and wore matching plaid (read: unsightly) outfits to solidify our authenticity. We took family bonding to a whole new level in the 80's. Thank goodness YouTube wasn't around yet! After surviving those awkward preteen years on the stage, I never imagined I would happily find myself in front of the camera again. But, perhaps, I need to high five my siblings and squeeze my parents for those years of singing background vocals, because those times made my most recent Live television appearance an exciting and happily anticipated time. This past week I had the amazing opportunity to discuss Leon's 90 page digital Lookbook Hello Sunshine on Breakfast Television! We wanted to share a tiny bit of what the Lookbook is all about and decided the best spot in the house was on the rooftop patio at BT where the set is full of the prettiest patio furniture from Leon's. With summer here in full force, we wanted to offer some tried and Read more


Introducing Hello Sunshine: A Guide for your Bright & Happy Home

Hello Summer! We are thrilled to announce the launch Hello Sunshine, the second edition of the Hello series, a digital publication created by our team of talented Hello Yellow bloggers. Hello Sunshine is a 90 page Lookbook that aims to provide useful tips and tricks for a bright & happy home for the season. With the rise of the Internet and social media there can be a lot pressure to have the perfect home. From meticulously styled Instagram photos to the picture perfect Pinterest party- we’re often flooded with “inspiration” everywhere we look. At times this can feel a bit overwhelming. Real life isn’t always photo ready. It can be messy and maybe even a little chaotic. But just because a moment isn’t picture perfect, doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for you. Those lazy Sunday afternoons, the piled up laundry, and the family of dust bunnies that tend to visit unannounced, make your home really feel like one. Through candid stories from inside the walls of our bloggers’ homes, we are hoping to show that real life is textured, interesting and fun...but not always perfect. Our homes don’t need to look like the cover of a magazine for us to be proud of Read more


Buzz Off! DIY ideas for keeping bugs away

One of my biggest pleasures of summer is spending time outside with my family, watching the my kids running around, playing with them in the garden, grilling and then eating on our patio with family and friends. Honestly if I could, I would even sleep outside during the summer months! But it's really no fun at all when bugs, mosquitoes and ants come to join in the fun, am I right? And even though there is big choice of products on the market, sometimes I'm simply out of them, and sometimes I think that all the chemicals in them are a bit too harsh for my kids sensitive skin. But lucky there are other ways to get rid of all the annoying bugs and misquotes. Thanks to the use of special plants, herbs and spices we can still enjoy our patio even without the store bought products! So here are my all-time favorite natural, simple and easy ways for getting rid if the mosquitoes and bugs on my patio! 1. Planting bug-repellent plants and herbs. Let nature work for you in the easiest and prettiest way possible. There are many plants and herbs that will naturally repel mosquitoes and bugs, and most of them Read more