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  Real life isn’t always photo ready. It can be messy and maybe even a little chaotic, but just because a moment isn’t picture perfect doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for you. Those lazy Sunday afternoons and the rough edges around the house are the things that make your home really feel like one. That’s your perfect. At Leon’s, we want you to share your perfect at-home moments. Use the hashtag #YourPerfect on Instagram for a chance to be regrammed on the Leon's Instagram page and featured right here on our blog, helping to spread the word that the only perfect that matters is yours.

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Home to Win on HGTV: The Library

HGTV recently premiered a brand new show that Leon’s is VERY excited to be a part of, Home to Win. Home To Win is a new powerhouse reality series on HGTV Canada that offers Canadian viewers the opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in the history of HGTV Canada – a gorgeous home fully furnished by you know who..Leon’s! For the first time ever, 20 of HGTV’s Canadian builders and designers will gather under one roof, bringing their extraordinary expertise, creativity and reno know-how to this massive project. Together they will completely transform a ho-hum house into a magnificent masterpiece! Home-winning hopefuls from across the country will vie to compete for this spectacular house in the dramatic series finale. In the first episode, the house was chosen. and ladies and gentlemen.. it is unbelievable.  Perched on top of an absolutely breathtaking 70 acre property- this home will transport anyone into county calm. On Sunday’s episode, Danielle and Colin went to work and created a stunning library. While we may not all have the luxury of a library at home, many of us have a bookshelf/area where we store our favourite books and keepsakes. Looking to up your workspace game? Let us help. 3 TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR Read more

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One Chair Three Ways

Hi everyone...it's Lucy from Craftberry Bush once again. I hope you've all been keeping well. Today I wanted to speak to why I love using neutral furniture in our space. Serving as a blank canvas to my ever changing decor moods, having neutral furniture allows you to achieve different looks by simply tweaking a few items here and there. Lets see what I mean... We recently ordered these Laurel accent chairs and I love their beautiful lines. The size/dimensions are also small enough for a tighter space, while still looking great in a larger area as well. These chairs have also become a family favourite, specially for Brody who seems to have claimed them as his. But that is exactly what you would expect when you bring a new piece home. Ideally, each item in your home should be special and truly represent you and those who live in your home. The diamond button tufting breaks up the neutral-coloured upholstery and as I mentioned, the chair's proportions work well for adding extra seating to a living room or bedroom without being overpowering. Here I've paired them with a blue tartan pillow; a classic look that blends well with the chair's lines. The tartan  pillow was sewn by Read more


Dress My Domain: Shades of Grey

Admittedly, I've never been a fan of the all-grey trend. In many cases, it can come off as sterile or cold, and the last thing you want your home to feel is either of those adjectives.   However, on the other hand, I will always champion buying neutral-toned items when it comes to those larger, big-ticket items such as sofas or rugs.   Most of us know that the key to decorating with oodles of grey involves making sure you use a variety of tones and textures, but in my world, there's a far more important rule to follow if you want to achieve a cohesive and beautiful space: when decorating with greys, it's actually more important to consider the other colors introduced. Accenting grey, black and white with just solid red can come across as dated or juvenile. Rather, use a variety of colors in smaller, non-solid doses, accenting your grey room with tiny splashes of the rainbow. It'll look much more grown-up while still feeling approachable, and you're more likely to steer clear of a stiff, sterile, show-room feel.   Below are my picks for a (mostly) shades of grey space! 1. Savoy Table Lamps: Metallic and blacks are a natural addition to any grey space. This lamp is the perfect scale and shape to carry its own in a living Read more

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DIY Valentine’s floral wrap

Hello again friends. I'm happy to be back so I can share this super easy and fun Valentine's day watercolor floral wrap. This floral wrap is of course Valentine's day themed, but it can be customized for any time of year.  I find that grocery stores nowadays tend to carry a beautiful variety of flowers at an affordable price. But often times the wrapping isn't as cute. By adding this pretty wrap you're not only enhancing the presentation, but also making a unique and thoughtful gift. You will need: Large roll of white paper (we used draft paper found at a local office supply store) Watercolor Paints Large watercolor brush Ribbon Clear tape Unroll some of the paper and decide on pattern. To keep it super  simple we chose a 'xo' pattern. Dip your brush in paint and simply paint your desired pattern. In this case, we used various shades of pink to give it an ombre effect and tie in with our flowers. Allow paper to dry. TIP: Try not to make the brush too wet to avoid too much buckling of the paper. Cut paper into a square of desired size. Fold right bottom corner towards the centre. Lift folded corner and place flowers under fold. NOTE: I pre-wrapped the stems of Read more