Hello Holiday Crafternoon


img_0303On Monday November 21st we hosted our first ever Hello Event- at the Gladstone Hotel. Our team of spirited Hello Yellow bloggers lead an afternoon full of fun DIY projects from our latest Hello Holiday magazine.

Joined by Kassandra Dekoning, Bethany Gier, and Thalita Murray– we hoped to take some of the stress out of decorating with some fun and simple projects to warm your home up this holiday season.

Attendees enjoyed some mingling with fellow DIY-ers, hot chocolate, gift bags + some good old fashioned DIY fun. And don’t worry if you couldn’t make it! All the DIYS we did together are available for you to try right here on the blog!

Check out some great snaps from the event, and links to the DIY projects below.

img_0300 img_0308

All of our attendees walked away with four different DIY projects they hand-made themselves. And get this.. They had less than 20 minutes to make each one. We KNOW that people have busy lives. We know not everybody has time to spend hours and hours hand-crafting projects. That’s why every DIY in Hello Holiday is under 5 steps, and will take you next to no time. The bonus? These DIYS though simple for you- are still so impressive to friends and family you share them with, because they’re handmade and thoughtful- and nothing beats a gift that you created yourself!


Bethany from This little Estate shared 5 ways to make your wrapping as memorable as what’s inside. With a table filled with everything you need to personalize your gifts- event attendees were able to create their own personalized gift tags to add to their presents.

img_0323 othertable img_0816 cut img_0812 img_0815

Looking for some tips on those finishing touches? Check out Bethany’s 5 Gifts, 5 Ways from Hello Holiday!

Kassandra from Little Dekonings shared two of her Hello Holiday DIY projects. The first, a super-simple DIY felt garland. For the event, we added in a variety of different materials to spice it up, but you can go as simple or as intricate as you like.

img_0438 img_0432 img_0765 img_0459 img_0759 img_0452 img_0762 img_0472

Learn more about making your very own felt garland here.

Kassandra also lead our DIY bath-bomb workshop, which was a crowd favourite. A bit like a little science experiment, some citric acid (which you can actually pick up at any health food store).. some baking soda, a little bit of water with essential oils and bam! You’ve got yourself some relaxing bath bombs for you to either give as gifts, or to sneak into your own tub after a long day of holiday cheer!

img_0502 img_0493 img_0728 img_0791 img_0529 img_0517

Get Kassandra’s simple bath bomb recipe here.

Last but not least- we had Thalita from The Learner Observer sharing her modern spin on an old classic- potpourri. Event attendees walked away with a mason jar filled with all the fixin’s to make your home smell FANTASTIC for the holidays- just throw it on a pot of boiling water and you’re good to go!

img_0703 img_0383 img_0716 img_0787


Get Thalita’s full tutorial on StoveTop Potpourri here.

Thank you so much for reading. Comment below if you would come to a Crafternoon in your area! We would love to try this in multiple cities!

Looking for more ways to warm up your home this holiday season? Check out our 100+ page digital magazine, Hello Holiday.