Room to Bloom


Carving out space for sweet dreams and even sweeter memories.

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with baby number two we were beyond excited! But we were faced with a question: do we move into a house now? Or do we renovate our loft to accommodate room for four? After sketching out some ideas to alter the floorplan and browsing some properties, we decided that the former would be the most economical for usand the most fun!
We immediately threw up some walls to create bedrooms, and then it was time to dream up the design! For Coco’s nursery, I envisioned a soft, natural and feminine space (my Pinterest board was all whites, woods and flowers)! But more than anything, I wanted to design a peaceful placeone where we could cuddle up and read books, play dress up and let our imaginations run wild. Inspired by sunshine and the warm breeze of a summer day, I also wanted to bring elements of the outdoors in.

The first furniture item we brought into Coco’s room was a gorgeous Finley Crib alongside the Finley Dresser. I was drawn to the clean, mid-century modern designand the white really kept my options wide open for the accents and decor to come. The next piece we added was a rustic Maya night table that complements and contrasts the white crib set beautifully.Another darling pieces we introduced to Coco’s room was a small peacock chair. I had mentioned to my mum that I was looking for one and a few days later she rang me from a thrift store where she had stumbled across the exact chair I was dreaming of! It was already a steal at $7 but my mum had a coupon for an extra 50% off. Ha! I love my mum.
One of my favourite things about decorating is the ability to make things myselfI’m a self-proclaimed DIY project addict! So once the main furniture items were in, I was quick to use the extra space to build a wood swing covered in flowers! One of the many perks of living in a loft are the exposed beams which allowed me to anchor the swing safely facing the window. It’s fun for my older daughter and also makes for a peaceful place to feed Coco and read to the girls.Another touch of handmade hangs above Coco’s crib: a beautiful floral chandelier with a white tulle canopy that drapes down and over the sides of her crib. It creates such a lovely place for her to rest as she has sweet little dreamsprobably about boobies and baby mum-mums, haha!

And no, I didn’t stop there, friends! I kept on making (remember? I’m an addict). I also built a triangle shelf. Full disclosure: I first attempted to saw the wood with a bread knife (#epicfail), but after a quick trip to the hardware shop, I became the proud owner of a cool saw. I turned my kitchen table into a makeshift workshop for the afternoon and watched as my eldest daughter Goldie’s eyes sparkled with interest as she hung onto every step. In that moment, I knew she’d caught my “crazy crafty lady” bug!
And what’s a room without pom-poms! I made my own DIY pom-pom basket and finished off the space with a “Coco” floral name sign.Even though it took us twice as long as we had originally anticipated, our space is now complete! But more than a makeover, since completing Coco’s room, it’s become a space the whole family spends time in, together. It really turned out better than I had hoped and I’m treasuring every day and every memory. Because life sure does go by fast!



Finley Crib (Also available in French Grey)

Finley Dresser (Also available in French Grey)

Maya night table

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