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Hello Holiday Crafternoon

On Monday November 21st we hosted our first ever Hello Event- at the Gladstone Hotel. Our team of spirited Hello Yellow bloggers lead an afternoon full of fun DIY projects from our latest Hello Holiday magazine. Joined by Kassandra Dekoning, Bethany Gier, and Thalita Murray- we hoped to take some of the stress out of decorating with some fun and simple projects to warm your home up this holiday season. Attendees enjoyed some mingling with fellow DIY-ers, hot chocolate, gift bags + some good old fashioned DIY fun. And don’t worry if you couldn’t make it! All the DIYS we did together are available for you to try right here on the blog! Check out some great snaps from the event, and links to the DIY projects below. All of our attendees walked away with four different DIY projects they hand-made themselves. And get this.. They had less than 20 minutes to make each one. We KNOW that people have busy lives. We know not everybody has time to spend hours and hours hand-crafting projects. That's why every DIY in Hello Holiday is under 5 steps, and will take you next to no time. The bonus? These DIYS though simple for you- are still Read more

Introducing Hello Sunshine: A Guide for your Bright & Happy Home

Hello Summer! We are thrilled to announce the launch Hello Sunshine, the second edition of the Hello series, a digital publication created by our team of talented Hello Yellow bloggers. Hello Sunshine is a 90 page Lookbook that aims to provide useful tips and tricks for a bright & happy home for the season. With the rise of the Internet and social media there can be a lot pressure to have the perfect home. From meticulously styled Instagram photos to the picture perfect Pinterest party- we’re often flooded with “inspiration” everywhere we look. At times this can feel a bit overwhelming. Real life isn’t always photo ready. It can be messy and maybe even a little chaotic. But just because a moment isn’t picture perfect, doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for you. Those lazy Sunday afternoons, the piled up laundry, and the family of dust bunnies that tend to visit unannounced, make your home really feel like one. Through candid stories from inside the walls of our bloggers’ homes, we are hoping to show that real life is textured, interesting and fun...but not always perfect. Our homes don’t need to look like the cover of a magazine for us to be proud of Read more

Home to Win on HGTV: The Library

HGTV recently premiered a brand new show that Leon’s is VERY excited to be a part of, Home to Win. Home To Win is a new powerhouse reality series on HGTV Canada that offers Canadian viewers the opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in the history of HGTV Canada – a gorgeous home fully furnished by you know who..Leon’s! For the first time ever, 20 of HGTV’s Canadian builders and designers will gather under one roof, bringing their extraordinary expertise, creativity and reno know-how to this massive project. Together they will completely transform a ho-hum house into a magnificent masterpiece! Home-winning hopefuls from across the country will vie to compete for this spectacular house in the dramatic series finale. In the first episode, the house was chosen. and ladies and gentlemen.. it is unbelievable.  Perched on top of an absolutely breathtaking 70 acre property- this home will transport anyone into county calm. On Sunday’s episode, Danielle and Colin went to work and created a stunning library. While we may not all have the luxury of a library at home, many of us have a bookshelf/area where we store our favourite books and keepsakes. Looking to up your workspace game? Let us help. 3 TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR Read more

2015: The Highlight Reel

It's hard to believe that 2015 is over! We had an excellent year over here at Hello Yellow. We shared inspiring DIY projects, decorating tips, recipes, a kitchen reno series, home makeovers and more! (Not to mention, we also launched Hello Holiday this year!) Today, we're looking back on some of our most popular posts. Thank you to our talented group of Hello Yellow bloggers and thank YOU for reading! Happy New Year! BEST IN HOME DECOR:  1: A Tiny Bedroom Makeover: The After by Design Sponge* editor Sabrina Smelko Surprise Surpise, ya’ll like makeovers?! ;) Sabrina transformed her cramped dysfunctional bedroom into a cozy santuary in this small-space makeover. This post is packed with great ideas for making the most of the space you’ve got- for example opting for the dresser from the kids section?! BONUS: There’s a video! Read this post. 2: A Wintery Wonderland by Lucy from Craftberry Bush This Holiday Season Lucy transported us into a Winter Wonderland when she invited us into her home to shoot the front cover of Hello Holiday. This post is full of great tips for decorating with neutrals & you won’t believe what the DIY Christmas trees are made out of! Read this post. 3:  Basement Makeover Reveal by Read more

Oh Christmas Tree: Icecream Cone Tree Treat

Happy Holidays Hello Yellow Readers! When it comes to anything in the kitchen, for me.. Simple is best. If a recipe has three steps or less- COUNT ME IN. After several Pinterest searches I was finally inspired to create these waffle cone Christmas trees- aren’t they the cutest? A great conversation starter, these Christmas tree “cookies” might make you pretty popular at your next holiday party! Ingredients -Icing (I bought Vanilla and added green food colouring!) - If you're a pro in the kitchen you can definitely create your own icing! -Ice cream cones or sugar cones -Delicious decorative candy -Icing sugar for added "snow" effect ;) Directions 1- Mix up your icing! If you're making your own, now is your time to shine. If you're looking for a quick pain-free option- just grab a jar of icing from the grocery store. You can make your trees whatever colour you like- just add food colouring. I went with green- but you could totally go for awesome multi-coloured trees if that's that you're in the mood for! 2- Evenly spread your icing on the outside of your cones. You can even swirl it a little bit to give your trees some foresty-like texture. I just put the cone on my Read more

A Small Space Makeover with House and Home

Earlier this year I had the incredible opportunity to team up with House and Home on a Small Space makeover. H&H stylist Reiko Caron came to us with a decorating challenge. She had a young family living in a small semi-detached home- and their living space desperately needed a refresh! With a growing family their tired old love seat just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Decorating a small space can be tricky. Whether it’s a townhouse, a condo, or an apartment- choosing furniture that fits and functions for the space is key. When you don’t have a lot of space, you have to be very smart about the design and most importantly the functionality of the space. Reiko drew up some plans and headed to the Leon’s Roundhouse where I showed her some great smaller spaced options. From storage ottomans to streamlined sofas- we looked at (and tested!) lots of options for the family. This small space makeover is filled with tips and tricks!   1.New York Sofa/2.New York Sofa Ottoman/ 3.Bond Collection Dresser /4.Iver Collection TV Stand 5.Alfie Accent Chair /6.Compass Collection Coffee Table Margot Sofa Accent Chair- Available in select locations