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Magical Christmas Bedroom

I remember so clearly the day we found out we were having a little girl.  The joy I felt was incredible and yet at the same time, I remember the fear of not knowing how to raise a girl (we had had two boys at this point). I was looking forward to pretty dresses, pink bows and most decorating a little girl’s room. I enjoyed that while it lasted, as I quickly learned that as children grow it’s important to allow them to express their creativity not only through they way they dress, art and in their own space. I’m fortunate that Bella and I share similar taste in décor and is pretty easy going with my ideas, even though sometimes we have had comprise. Like the time she wanted to paint her desk with neon graffiti. She has also shown a keen interest in decorating and often times she will move her room around and rearrange her décor. When we picked the gorgeous Amber canopy bed, we knew we wanted to create a magical Christmas bedroom. Full of twinkly lights, soft surroundings but Bella also wanted a little bit of glitz through gold accents. The all white space creates an ethereal feel and is Read more

Five ways to use Christmas lights in your decor

Nothing compares to the  magical  glow of a Christmas trees.The lights reminding us of hope, love and peace. But you can recreate that same beautiful glow in other ways by incorporating Christmas lights around your home. Here is how: 1. Place inside cloche or glass jar Battery operated lights are great to place inside jars or under a cloche. Set on the table, counter top, shelf etc. 2.Wrap around a wreath Take some faux fur and wrap it around a wreath form. Secure with pins. Wrap some Christmas lights around it and voila! 3. Wall Art Marquee DIY Using gold or green paint, paint a simple tree on a canvas.   Take a sharp utility knife and pierce small slits throughout tree. Flip canvas around and poke lights through slits. These look beautiful on a mantel or hanging on a wall. 3. Use as photo or art display Hang lights across the wall using command hooks.  And use clothespins to hang photos, art or Christmas cards. 4. Wrap around bed posts or along headboard I love the idea of wrapping lights around bed posts or along the headboard of foot board. The best part is that you can leave these up all year round. How pretty right? I hope you found these ideas useful and that Read more

Holiday living room makeover

As part of my job, I’m fortunate to be able to change my décor from season to season in my own home. I truly enjoy the process, but this particular project has so much more meaning to me as it gave me a small opportunity to give back for the many sacrifices my parents have made for me and my other siblings. Let's start with a good before.... When my parents immigrated to Canada thirty-one years ago, they gave up everything they owned to provide a better life for us and to this day they continue to sacrifice for their children. We often gather at my parent’s house for holidays, birthdays etc. And as our family has grown, sometimes their small house becomes even smaller. So to accommodate us, my sweet parent’s converted their living room into a dining room. Living them with just a small sitting area off the kitchen. So I knew that I wanted to do something special for them and provide them with not only a beautiful space, but a space that would be functional and comfortable . Here's the after. We chose the gorgeous Aristo sofa in taupe. With nine grandchildren, we knew that it was best to chose a Read more

DIY Copper Paper Towel Holder

Copper and metallics are beautiful all year round but specially during the holidays. The timeless look of copper, gold and silver never go out of style. I knew I wanted copper pieces as my accent for my kitchen décor.  Unfortunately, copper is not always affordable and so when I spotted a copper paper towel holder, I thought I could easily DIY myself. I headed to my local hardware store, purchased some copper piping and got to work. Materials: Copper pipe Copper cap Industrial strength glue Drill spade bit 1/2" Paint Circular Wood Form 1: Mark the center of a wooden form and paint or stain as desired. 2: Drill a hole in the center using a drill spade but do not go all the way through the wood.  3: Place a cap over pipe. 4: Apply some industrial glue to the hole and insert copper tube into hole. Allow 24 hrs to dry prior to using. I love looking at my DIY copper paper towel holder every time I walk into my kitchen. Thanks for reading! Lucy

A Recipe for Family Time with Frigidaire Professional

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and I couldn’t agree more. It is in this kitchen, where we have left cookies for Santa, made countless amounts of homemade playdough and It’s also where we have prepared many meals for friends and family.   The kitchen is place where we taught our kids how to count, the alphabet song and twinkle, twinkle little star. We have danced around the kitchen island while using wooden spoons as microphones and pretended to be master chefs. The kitchen is not just the place where we prepare our meals, but where we gather and make memories. Where new recipes are made and old ones are passed down to new generations. One of my fondest memories is watching my grandmother bake cookies and sitting in front of the oven watching the cookies rise as they baked. The smell of sugar cookies, still takes me back. I wish I had saved some of her beautiful handwritten recipes. But I do have some of my mom’s handwritten recipes and have framed some of my favourites to cherish. It’s a simple yet beautiful way to create non-traditional meaningful art. When we first moved into our home, the kitchen was my pride Read more

Because Furniture Doesn’t Fit in a Washing Machine

One of the easiest ways to make a room feel fresh and airy is to bring in light colored furniture. It not only looks great in any space, but can serve as a blank canvas to any colour scheme you may choose. However the potential downside - and the reason many shy away from light furniture - is that it does take a little more effort to keep clean, especially when you have small children or pets. There's no denying little peanut butter fingerprints or muddy paw prints will eventually make their way onto your furniture, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to banning your children and pets from that room. There are ways you can clean and minimize stains to keep your light furniture looking great for years to come. 1. Invest in Stain-Resistant Finishes Leon's offers several stain protection plans through their Platinum service. You can also purchase fabric protection sprays which minimize potential stains, but it's always wise to do a colourfast test in an inconspicuous area of your furniture before applying everywhere to ensure no discolouration will occur. 2. Regular (daily) Vacuuming If left unattended, dust build up will turn into dirt and grime on the the areas that come Read more

A New Love for Old Finds

Transforming a house into a beautiful home takes time and planning. But a sure fire way to make it your own is to infuse items that either evoke beautiful memories, or that you truly love. That's why when decorating your home, it's important to stay true to yourself and stick with what speaks to you. Sometimes, that aligns with the latest and greatest trends and sometimes it doesn't. For me, my go-to is old bottles. There is something beautiful about their patina and the stories that they tell, but it's more than that as each bottle represents a time and place where my family and I have ventured to in search of the perfect find, be it at a garage sale or a curiosity shop in the middle of nowhere. But vintage finds can sometimes be costly, so I sometimes supplement my collection with reproductions that when placed together, becomes a cohesive display as old and new mingle in beautiful harmony. Keeping the bottles monochromatic avoids them from looking cluttered and messy and mixing different heights and sizes adds for a little more interest. To provide our living room with a little summer feel, I place both real and faux greenery in the bottles Read more

One Chair Three Ways

Hi's Lucy from Craftberry Bush once again. I hope you've all been keeping well. Today I wanted to speak to why I love using neutral furniture in our space. Serving as a blank canvas to my ever changing decor moods, having neutral furniture allows you to achieve different looks by simply tweaking a few items here and there. Lets see what I mean... We recently ordered these Laurel accent chairs and I love their beautiful lines. The size/dimensions are also small enough for a tighter space, while still looking great in a larger area as well. These chairs have also become a family favourite, specially for Brody who seems to have claimed them as his. But that is exactly what you would expect when you bring a new piece home. Ideally, each item in your home should be special and truly represent you and those who live in your home. The diamond button tufting breaks up the neutral-coloured upholstery and as I mentioned, the chair's proportions work well for adding extra seating to a living room or bedroom without being overpowering. Here I've paired them with a blue tartan pillow; a classic look that blends well with the chair's lines. The tartan  pillow was sewn by Read more

DIY Valentine’s floral wrap

Hello again friends. I'm happy to be back so I can share this super easy and fun Valentine's day watercolor floral wrap. This floral wrap is of course Valentine's day themed, but it can be customized for any time of year.  I find that grocery stores nowadays tend to carry a beautiful variety of flowers at an affordable price. But often times the wrapping isn't as cute. By adding this pretty wrap you're not only enhancing the presentation, but also making a unique and thoughtful gift. You will need: Large roll of white paper (we used draft paper found at a local office supply store) Watercolor Paints Large watercolor brush Ribbon Clear tape Unroll some of the paper and decide on pattern. To keep it super  simple we chose a 'xo' pattern. Dip your brush in paint and simply paint your desired pattern. In this case, we used various shades of pink to give it an ombre effect and tie in with our flowers. Allow paper to dry. TIP: Try not to make the brush too wet to avoid too much buckling of the paper. Cut paper into a square of desired size. Fold right bottom corner towards the centre. Lift folded corner and place flowers under fold. NOTE: I pre-wrapped the stems of Read more

How to Install Faux Brick Panels

Hello friends! It's Lucy from Craftberry Bush. I hope the new year is treating you well thus far. Since having posted our teen boy room reveal last summer, we have received a number of questions on the brick panel wall and so we thought we would provide a step-by-step, along with some tips for you to consider should you decide to install your own. The details: The panels come in various colours, with the standard size being 8' tall  x 4' wide x 1/4" thick. Despite their size, they are surprisingly light in weight as they are made out of hardboard. We purchased ours from a local home improvement store and  depending on the amount of cuts, they will cut at no cost. Materials needed: Construction Adhesive Nail Gun The How: 1) Measure your wall space to determine how many panels you'll require. 2) Cut panels according to measurements. TIP: We recommend you line up the panels at the hardware store to ensure the patterns align. We unfortunately didn't find out until we arrived home that there was a slight variation and bricks and grouts do not match at every spot. 3. Create a template that includes any special cuts (i.e. outlets, light switches or pitched ceiling lines). You'll need to make this before installing the panels. You can use brown Read more


A Wintery Wonderland

Hello and welcome to our humble home. I'm honoured to have partnered with Leon's to share a little bit of our space, all dressed up for the holidays. This year, I wanted our Christmas decor to be cozy and welcoming, while conveying a little glamour. To achieve such, the simple yet sophisticated lines of the Astin Sofa served as inspiration. As you can see, we have an open concept floorplan and as such, the decor needs to be cohesive as one room flows into the next. A great tip to define one space from the other when you have a longer room such as this is to anchor your pieces with area rugs. They create a visual break, which in our space, divides our living room and our dining room. Having a neutral space provides a blank canvas, where you can easily pick a theme or colour and it will immediately pop. I love the contrast between our light walls and the rich walnut of the Austin table and bench. There is also a subtly to the unexpected contrast of the Fresco side chairs and the modern lines of the Austin table. Shopping at Leon's affords you the flexibility to mix and match various pieces and create a look unique Read more

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hello again friends. Can you believe we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving in just a few short weeks? Where does the time go? Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to not only eat delicious foods, but gather around the table with those you love and cherish. This easy to put together table setting consists of items found at the thrift store or those that have been made to look a little fancier than they really are. Take this little pumpkin for instance. It's a simple grocery store pumpkin painted with Krylon Premium Metallic paint, which transforms it from ordinary to a glamorous place setting. You could easily tie a little place card to the stem to add a more personal touch to your table. Antlers continue to be a hot trend and when I spotted this sweet antler ornament, I knew it would add the perfect touch. The centrepiece is a simple inexpensive lantern, with the glass panels removed. Add in some white little babyboo pumpkins, a squash, some dusty miller, a few sprigs of wheat and there you go. You can go HERE to see a step by step of how I put this centrepiece together. It's a great way to incorporate those fall elements, but can easily be changed to reflect Read more

Teen Boy Room Reveal

Hello friends, both old and new. I'm Lucy from Craftberry Bush and I'm honoured to be one of the Hello Yellow contributors. I am very excited to reveal our oldest son's lofty retreat with you here. As I look through these photos, I can't help but feel a little nostalgic as I reflect upon how fast time has gone. It doesn't seem that long ago when hubby and I were decorating a nursery in preparation for the arrival of our first born. Now 15 years old and 6'2", our teen boy is enjoying his 'grown up' room, that we wanted to feel spacious and take on a lofty feel. Something that would not only have minimal items (read: less mess), but also feel cozy. We opted to line the focal wall with a faux brick panel and added an industrial pipe across the top to hold the hanging cage lights and art work. The watercolour painting seen here is something I had painted for him as he has always had a keen interest in horses and has aspirations of one day being a large animal surgeon. I love the functionality of the beam as it is not only decorative, but the art can be Read more

Simple Spring Floral Arrangement

    Nothing says Spring like sprouting tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Whether celebrating the arrival of the season, Easter, or you just want to add a little colour to your space, this beautiful flower arrangement can be displayed on your table top,  windowsill or coffee table. They are easy to put together and will last for several weeks. Here is what you will need: - Store bought (or from your garden)  budding or flowering bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, - Glass vessels (preferably a tall cylinder) - Pebbles (optional) Purchase flowering bulbs of your choice. Gently remove from pot, making sure to not break the fragile roots. Shake off excess dirt from bulbs.  Rinse remainder soil under cold running water. Place in vessel and fill with water just above the roots. Have fun with your display. You can use teacups and simply place some pebbles around bulb to hold in place. Or place in a pitcher as a fun display for your kitchen counter top or table. These pretty floral arrangements can be displayed alone, or grouped together for a more dramatic effect. You can also pair them with other accents to coordinate with the rest of your decor. Just like fresh cut flowers, these arrangements will thrive in clean water. Change water regularly to ensure a Read more