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Displaying Holiday Cards Under The TV

Mail during the holiday season is most certainly extra special!  It brings a smile to my face when I open the mailbox and spot the colourful and festive envelopes that have been carefully packaged and sent by family and friends!  It makes the trek to the mailbox in the deep snow and cold temps completely worth it! Sending and receiving holiday cards is such a wonderful tradition and something that makes the holidays what they are!  The kids read each card and we reminisce and tell stories that remind us of the sender.  After each card has been opened, the question is, where to place them for all to see!? The answer came after we finished decorating the family room for the holidays!  We realized that entertainment unit provided the perfect spot to display the cards sent from family and friends.  The best part is that the kids can easily hang the cards after they have been read and it’s also a great way to add to the room’s holiday decor! The front of most cards have either beautiful pictures or the most perfect holiday saying, they just beg to be placed in a spot where they can be seen! Here’s what you’ll Read more

DIY wrapping paper

One of the things I like the most about Christmas is the excuse to actually slow down and craft a little more with my daughters.. I know that for many it may sound crazy, as the festive season is often seen as the busiest time of the year! But I like to start the preparation early, keep things simple, and enjoy every minute of Christmas music while doing so! And when my daughter Lili was two years old, we started making wrapping paper together. It's not perfect, shiny and detailed like the store-bought one. Honestly it's a bit messy and rather imperfect. But we have so much fun making it! And now, when Lili is four, and Rose two, I have not one, but two little helpers to help me with Christmas preparations! Also, I really love the Scandinavian Xmas vibes, with its nature inspired simplicity. So every year I make these simple potato stamps that we use to stamp white paper with. I find the result adorable, and my kids have a blast stamping along! And I think that making a hand-made wrapping paper teaches kids a lot about the real joy of giving! I think that thanks to our little craft Read more

gift wrapping station

One of my early childhood memories, is sneaking in on my grandmother wrapping gifts, always last-minute on the Xmas eve, in her tiny little bedroom. She would keep all her gifts hidden there, underneath the bed, and the bed itself would be all covered in colourful papers, ribbons and gifts. And when she would spot me, hiding there behind the door, she would hush me out, saying she's only helping Santa, since he's so busy with everything else. And of course I would believe her. Later, when I didn't believe in Santa anymore, I would wrap gifts with my Mom on her bed, because she would also keep her gifts hidden safely underneath it. So of course, when my own kids became these little gift-searching creatures, I too I started hiding my gifts underneath my bed. And it was only natural for me to organize my gift wrapping station in my bedroom! Especially that not only do I have space underneath my bed for all those big and long wrapping paper rolls, but my new Leon's bed has 6 drawers too! Perfect for all my wrapping essentials and all off the gifts! So starting in early November, I collect all of my wrapping papers in Read more

Super Simple DIY Ornament Storage

Storing ornaments has to be one of my least favourite things. I’ve done everything from wrapping them individually in tissue paper to keeping them in their original bulky boxes (that just end up falling apart) to tossing them in a shoebox and hoping for the best. Truthfully, none of those worked out too well for me (or some of the poor ornaments), but thankfully I tried something that actually works, and I promise you it does because I have been using this method for the last three Holidays and I can’t ever go back to my old ways now! Alright, so what is it? Well let me start by warning you that you WILL need to walk away from small kids for this for at least 30-45 minutes. Possibly with a hot coffee. And some relaxing music. That may or may not be exactly what I did. Now here’s what you’ll actually need for this: 40-50 Plastic cups (16 oz sized) Double-sided tape Foam board or cardboard A large storage container with a lid Scissors Your dear ornaments The best time to complete this project is long before you actually need to put ornaments away because it will be so satisfying when you’re Read more

3-in-1 Ottoman

I firmly believe that ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can own.  If you have space to include an ottoman in your room makeover, then don’t pass up the opportunity!  When it came time to makeover our family room, one of the first things that I added to my list was an ottoman and we ended up going with the beautiful Klein Ottoman to match the chairs. If you look at an ottoman as just a place to kick up your feet, then you’re missing out on the other incredible ways that this piece can be used! Here are three ways to use an ottoman: It’s a Table Yup, it’s true!  Most ottomans have a generous amount of surface space.  What’s so great about that, is that you can place it next to a chair or couch to be used a side table.  Or, if it’s large enough, it can certainly make for a great coffee table!  A great tray is all you need to create a spot to place a beverage and your favourite snacks! Eggnog anyone?! It’s Extra Seating We love to place our ottoman beneath the fireplace when it’s not in use. Not only because it’s Read more